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Printed in England in 1982 by the venerable Webb & Bower, this award-winning, beautifully illustrated (black and white photographs, engravings) and deeply researched work is part walking guidebook, part history and social analysis. The full title is The Mews of London - a Guide to the Hidden Byways of London's Past. Highly readable and without technical language, it provides fascinating glimpses into one of the great cities of the world and reminds us that the architecture of a city is also a social history and a record of the thoughts of its builders and inhabitants. The authors -- one of whom later became Cultural Affairs Officer at the British Embassy in Washington DC, and the other was the inventor of the famous Zuckermann Harpsichord Kit -- impart a sense of how to read this history in metal, wood and stone, and their absorption in the topic, and their love for it, is obvious. The collection of nostalgic photographs alone is well worth the time one spends with this remarkable little volume. The Mews of London won special mention for originality in the Guide Book of the Year Awards by the London Tourist Board, 1983.