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This vast and comprehensive compilation of work on and by the world's finest and most representative contemporary architects is unparalleled in its field. Faced with the increasing invisibility of the architectonic discourse itself. as media attention focuses more on the visual aspects of architecture, this book restores the balance between social and artistic choices and their consequences. It provides a survey of the principal trends in present-day architecture and highlights the versatility of the discipline, avoiding a one-sided emphasis on technique and design at the expense of the intellectual and tactile dimensions. The book examines the work of architects such as Foster, Hasegawa, Bolles and Wilson, Bohigas, Venturi and Scott Brown, Frampton, Derossi and many others, and the hidden facets of the architects' approach to their creations. In their own words - captured in interviews. essays and project descriptions and in incisive articles and often controversial questioning of concepts, the editors use the powers of verbal and visual arguments to give architecture, once more, its rightful place in the intellectual debate.