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Public another edition of THE BUILDERS AND WORKMANS NEW DIRECTOR, it is proper to premise, that it has been deemed advisable to extend very considerably the original plan of the Work. This has been done from a persuasion that it would, by such enlargement, be rendered far more generally useful; and because it has been a frequent subject of complaint and regret, that notwithstanding the numerous and able works on Architecture and the Building art in general, already existing, no single book of moderate compass and expense, uniting in an adequate degree the Theoretical and the Practical principles of those A rts, has hitherto been produced. It is presumed that the Work in its present form will be found serviceable, not only to the numerous class of individuals for whose instruction it was originally composed, and also to those young workmen whose efforts are directed to qualify themselves to act as Clerks of the works under A rchitects, and to the proper performance of whose duties an acquaintance to a certain degree with-the Theoretical principles of the Art is indispensable, but likewise in assisting the studies of young men about to engage in the practice of Architecture as a profession, and who may as from the method of instruction generally adopted is too frequently the case find themselves deficient as respects the Practical branches of Building. With these objects in view, in anew remodelling the plan of THE BUILDERS AND WORKMANS NEW DIRECTOR, it has been the earnest endeavour of the editor to combine as much useful information as possible on the Theory and Practice of A rchitecture, the science of Geometry as connected therewith, and on the several branches of Artificers works of primary importance in Building; and at the same time to condense the Work within the smallest limits compatible with these objects. Great care has likewise been taken to suppl
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