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A documentation of the Renault Centre (winner of four awards), describing how it was designed and engineered, using documentation from the Foster Associates' archives. The author argues that it is the first of a new breed of buildings in which computer-controlled technology is exploited to an unprecedented degree in the construction of a low-cost building. The building, designed by architect Sir Norman Foster is seen as a technical milestone in 20th century architecture and the augmentation of the text with a set of detailed technical drawings and fact-sheets enables the reader to see clearly how the building was fitted together. The book is intended for the use of architects, engineers and students. The book is part of the "Architecture in Detail" series. The books do not carry a contents list. The common layout of the books in the series is: essay, photographs, specially commissioned drawings, reference details (bibliography and chronology). Each of these monographs is designed to be a complete and accurate archival record and intended to be the standard reference on that building for students and scholars as well as practising architects.