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The spatial turn in the Humanities and Social Sciences has produced a considerable body of work which re-assesses space beyond the fixed Cartesian co-ordinates of Modernity and the nation state. In the process, space has been revealed as a productively contested concept with methodological implications across and between disciplines. The resulting understandings of space as fluid, changeable and responsive to the situation of bodies, both human and non-human has prepared the ground for radical concepts and uses of space with implications for how we conceive of contemporary lived reality.

Rather than conceiving of bodies as constantly rendered docile within the spaces of the post-industrial nation state, Radical Space reveals how activists and artists have deployed these theoretical tools to examine and contest spatial practice.. Bringing together contributions from academics across the humanities and social sciences together with creative artists this dynamically multidisciplinary collection demonstrates this radicalization of space through explorations of environmental camps, new explorations of psychogeography, creative interventions in city space and mapping the extra-terrestrial onto the mundane spaces of everyday existence.