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The visual world is about an individual's perception; while one unfolds the concepts of visual phenomenon multiple unknown characters and layers come to fore. The realization of these changes is accredited to elapse of time and cognition of brain and eye. In the first layer the characters are neutral and unidentified on the given picture plane. They create what is called the retinal images in the back of the eye. Once the brain registers these fragments in each other's proximity it is able to recognize the image as a whole. The recognition may also be accredited to historicizing. The essence of visual perception lies in the analysis of the view; this could be in either of the following two ways; exploring the real from the created illusions or experiencing the overall space by getting integrated within, through the view. Visual phenomenon is studied over Peter Eisenman's Wexner Center; which is probably one of his unintentional design that envelopes the optical illusion phenomenon artistically and over Mack Scogin Merill Elam Architects' Knowlton School of Architecture which identifies Maurice Merleau Ponty's phenomenology it its spatial quality.