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Front Cover: (Main image--flower) Walter. A vase from the Still Life series designed for Parenthesis Ltd., London, 1984. Design by Daniel Weil Photograph by Richard Waite Courtesy of Pentagram Ltd. Smaller images from left to right Phonebook. Design by Lisa Krohn Courtesy of Michael McCoy Cassina Showroom, dome illuminated by gray light. Design by Clino Trini Castelli Courtesy of Castelli Design Milano Page from Dalko's Lighting catalog. Coordinated by Design Analysis International (DAI) Courtesy of John Thackara Lycee d'Enselgnement Professionel Industriel, Belfort, France. Exterior of the school. Design by Lucien Kroll Courtesy of Lucien Kroll Back Cover: 100 Objects: mirrors of silenced time. A clock with LED display designed for Parenthesis Limited. London, 1983. (Detail of clock's circuit board). Design by Daniel Weil Photograph by Richard Davis Courtesy of Pentagram Ltd.