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This chart shows essential jazz chord forms for solo performance and categorizes jazz rhythm chord forms into 6th string root and 5th string root. Finally, 'Freddie Green' type rhythm chords are presented with root, 3rd and 5th in the bass. An incredible amount of information in one chart! Format: Chart Pages: 4 Genre: Jazz Level: Beginning Instrument: Guitar (All) Artist/Composer: William Bay Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc. Publication Date: 1/8/2003 ISBN-10: 0786667109 ISBN-13: 9780786667109Contents:For both 6th String Roots and 5th String RootsMajorMinorAugmented6m6m6b5m6#5Maj7Maj7b3Maj7b5Maj7#577b57#57sus4dim7m7m7b57/699/6Maj9m97b9aug7