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*To get an idea of how the licks actually sound in this series of books please view the VIDEO on the Author's page, 3rd on the right*

25 Original Jazz Guitar Licks from the Harmonic Minor Scale and its modes in tablature and notation.
  • 120 bars of music over 25 licks (average lick length 4.8 bars)
  • Licks based on the modes of Harmonic minor, Locrian Natural 6th, Ionian#5, Dorian#4, Phrygian Dominant, Lydian#2 & Diminished.
  • Video at full speed & Audio at full & half speed (Downloadable)
  • Backing tracks at full and slower practise speeds (Downloadable)
  • Scale diagrams with theory and technique tips for each lick
  • Guitar tablature has picking directions & fretting finger guide numbers