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This study is based on two years evaluation research on Comprehensive Kampung Improvement Program (C-KIP) in Surabaya, Indonesia. The program was implemented from the year 2000 until 2008 and more than 40 kampungs have some benefits from it. However, there was no comprehensive evaluation of the C-KIP results after eight years of its implementation. For this reason the evaluation in this study include the aspects: improvement of houses and infrastructure in the kampung, improvement of economic condition, and people participation in the C-KIP. Many researches about the kampung improvement have been done by the Laboratory of Housing and Human Settlements, Department of Architecture, ITS. This study supports the available research, based on the laboratory research road map. It is hoped that this book can contribute to comprehensive solution to the improvements of the kampungs, particularly on physical, economical, social conditions and kampung residents’ participation in development.