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The architectural scene in Sweden is less prominent internationally than that of Austria or Switzerland and yet there are highly interesting discoveries to be made. Gert Wingardh is one such discovery. His architecture is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright with its cheerful spaciousness, and the aesthetically pleasing details would be worthy of Carlo Scarpa. His buildings do not stubbornly adhere to one style but are a response to the task in hand and the surrounding environmental conditions. Sweden's rich tradition of building with wood and a strong ecological awareness are combined with high tech expertise. With successful projects such as the school building in Nodinge, the control tower at Stockholm's Arlanda airport, the science centre in Gothenburg, Ericsson's office in London, and the chancellery at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin, Wingardh has become Sweden's most prominent architect, heading his own architectural firm with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm since 1977.