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Authorities Consulted Continued CLARENCE A. MARTIN Professor of Architecture at Cornell University. Author of Details of Buildins Construction FRANK N. SNYDER A rchitecL Author of Bnildinsr Details. CHARLES H. SNOW Author of The Principal Species of Wood, Their Characteristic Properties. OWEN B. MAGINNIS Author of How to Frame a House, or House and Roof Framing. HALBERT P. GILLETTE, C. E. Author of Handbook of Coat Data for Contractors and Engineers. OLIVER COLEMAN Author of Successful Houses. CHAS. E. GREENE, A. M., C. E. Formerly Professor of Civil Ensineerinff, University of Michigan. Author of Structural Mechanics. LOUIS de C. BERG Author of Safe Building. GAETANO LANZA, S. B., C. M. E. Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Author of Applied Mechanics. IRA O. BAKER Professor of Civil Enflrineerinff, University of I llinois. Author of AT reatise on Masonry Construction. GEORGE P. MERRILL Author of Stones for Buildinff and Decoration. FREDERICK W. TAYLOR, M.E. and SANFORD E. THOMPSON, S.B.,C.E. Joint Authors of AT reatise on Concrete, Plain andR
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