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Contents Chora: The Space of Architectural Representation - Alberto Pérez-Gómez - The Measure of Expression: Physiognomy and Character in the Nouvelle Méthode of Jean-Jacques Lequeu - Jean-François Bédard - Michelangelo: The Image of the Human Body, Artifice, and Architecture - Helmut Klassen - Architecture as Site of Reception - Part I: Cuisine, Frontality, and the Infra-thin - Donald Kunze - Fictional Cities - Graham Livesey - Instrumentality and the Organic Assistance of Looms - Indra Kagis McEwen - Space and Image in Andrey Tarkovsky's "Nostalgia": Notes on a Phenomenology of Architecture in Cinema - Juhani Pallasmaa - The Momentary Modern Magic of the Panorama - Stephen Parcell - The Building of a Horizon - Louise Pelletier - Anaesthetic Induction: An Excursion into the World of Visual Indifference - Natalija Subotincic. The essays in this collection explore architectural form and content in the hope of finding new and better alternatives to traditionally accepted practices.