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Advanced technology is constantly creating new possibilities for the achievement of architectural intentions. However, there are very few books available which seek to explore the relationship between the overall intention of a project and the means of creating it. Instead, architects have had to rely on manufacturers literature and journal articles for knowledge of the new techniques of building.

This collection of case studies combines the highly acclaimed volumes Connections and The Building Envelope placing the details of good modern buildings in context with each other and explaining the relationship between them. Thus the authors provide an essential database for designers working in the field of large-scale construction. The buildings are analysed on a comparative basis, and the examples and their respective details are assessed in such a way as to illustrate the full range of workable alternatives available to the designer and architect through advances in current building technology.

The combined volume offers practising architects, engineers and quantity surveyors a state-of-the-art update on new developments and a guide to their understanding that is essential for the 1990s. The book will also be invaluable to undergraduate students in architecture and building.