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In recent years, the advent of new CAD technologies worldwide have raised questions on whether a developing nation like Nigeria can keep up with the current trend in CAD technological advancement. As there exists limited literature on the of usage of CAD in Town Planning practice in Nigeria, this book sheds more light on the application of Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the Town Planning practice within a selected study area in the country. This was carried out to examine the contributions of these newly introduced computer aided design packages to the productivity of various firms making use of them in comparison to the techniques formerly used for design in the profession years back. For the achievement of the goal of this work, both primary and secondary data were used; to this end, over 60% of all the planning firms in Ikeja Metropolis were randomly selected for this research. The conclusions of this book should help professionals in the Town Planning and Architectural industry in determining which CAD application the employers could invest upon and which one the employees as well as recent graduates should aspire to acquire its skills so as to be employable and marketable.