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The dissertation A Reborn Necropolis – The history of the British Cemetery of Bahia is about the instauration of the British Cemetery in the city of Salvador Bahia, Brazil. Its history as a religious monument in Brazilian lands since its establishment in the early nineteenth century until its restoration in 2006. The subject is associated with a series of historic events which made its existence possible in the then Portuguese colony, since the Anglo-Portuguese trade alliance. This dissertation also researches documental data, mostly from primary and iconographic sources, and its restoration process, in order to establish the chain of its historic events and the reasons for its establishment at Ladeira da Barra. This cemetery's restoration process, started at 2004 and completed in November, 2006 also served as an additional support to this research with a view not only to ratify various information revealed in the textual analysis, but also to fill the many blanks found in the process, dealing with the history of architecture of the last remains of nineteenth- century Anglican architecture in Bahia.