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The history of Venetian architecture is no less remarkable than the history of the city itself. Ennio Concina's comprehensive survey draws on extensive original research on the cultural history of Venice to offer fresh insights and an energetic approach to the architecture. Beginning with the traces of classical activity found in the territory that became ducal Venice, through its establishment as an urba magna in the Byzantine age, and the architectural glories of the Renaissance and Baroque city, Concina discusses the influence of Venice's extraordinary position in history and geography on the architectural styles to be found there. He overturns many long established theories on the development of the lagoon city, and discusses the work of many of history's most famous architects--Sansovino, Sanmicheli, Palladio, Longhena--this brings the story up to date with an examination of the twentieth-century's attempts to expand the economy, and preserve the city's heritage.