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Aim of this book is to open a window to the ancient times by using the book “De Architectura” within scientific historical and interpretive methods. It is intended to answer the questions below: How can the time of Vitruvius be interpreted? What was the conceptualization architecture by Vitruvius? What did Vitruvius emphasize most in his study? Are there any surviving buildings from the time of Vitruvius, If so how exactly do they fit the explanations of Vitruvius? What can be offered to our time as a result of the study? Has he ever lived? In fact, Is there a book called “De Architectura”? It is argued that neither such a book nor the so called author existed in the 1st century before the birth of Jesus. It is intended to criticise the sources and reveal the truth on the subject. The study may be considered as an ideal medium for the followers of history from a critical and sceptical point of view. In depth analysis of this building makes the study an excellent source for architecture, history and design related communities.