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Since it began, Mary Dowey's Saturday wine column in The Irish Times has attracted a huge and enthusiastic following. In Ireland's booming wine market, drinkers of all ages and levels of expertise enjoy her breezy, down-to-earth approach, relying on her solid recommendations. In Best Wines, this extremely useful buyers' guide, Mary Dowey selects 250 of her favourite wines, which generally vary in price between 5 and 25 pounds, with over half under 10 pounds. The wines are conveniently arranged by colour and style, focusing on country, grape variety and name, with a brief description of each wine and other vital information, including details of the importers and retail stockists. This practical and easy-to-use guide also features the labels and bottle shapes of recommended wines. Mary Dowey also compiles seven 'top ten' listings including: 10 dinner party classics; 10 big brands; 10 terrific aperitifs and 10 organic wines...so whatever your wine dilemmman, Mary Dowey's Best Wines has all the answers!